Official Announcement of Extreme Load Testing Company: Stone-OBL, LLC

Salem, Oregon, June 13, 2017 - Stone Security Engineering, P.C. and Oregon Ballistic Laboratories, LLC have recently released the official announcement of Stone-OBL, LLC (Stone-OBL), a small-business company dedicated to meet the research, testing, and product development needs of the security, safety, and industrial sectors.  Stone-OBL combines the engineering, consulting, and research and development expertise of the engineers of Stone Security Engineering with the testing, instrumentation, and product validation expertise of Oregon Ballistic Laboratories to create a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for extreme load testing of building products.  
Stone-OBL provides extreme loading testing services for companies and agencies in need of testing, baseline research, product development, product certification, or performance verification.  Stone-OBL’s outstanding team of leading engineers, physicists, and technicians has broad experience in the field of extreme load testing, including blast, ballistics, forced entry, weapon effects, fragment penetration, and fire.   
New to the complement of testing facilities is the Stone-OBL Open-Arena Blast Testing facility located outside Bend, Oregon.  With this facility, Stone-OBL is able to test building products using open-arena, full-scale blast testing – the gold standard when it comes to validating the protective power of blast-mitigation products.  The blast test facility comes equipped with a heavily reinforced concrete test fixture with a 15-ft x 15-ft clear opening, which can be used for single and multi-span building panels or for multiple product tests in a single shot.  The fixture can also be customized to support curtainwall, door, and glazing testing.  Our modular steel test structures can be utilized in conjunction for testing multiple products and standoffs in a single shot.  The facility can also accommodate customized blast test programs and setups, as well as incident investigation testing replication efforts.
Blast tests using conventional explosives and other energetic material equating to thousands of pounds of TNT equivalent charge weight can be supported at this large-scale arena.

Stone-OBL offers:

  • Multi-Threat Testing: blast, ballistics, fire, forced entry, and weapon effects – all with one testing team.
  • Open-Arena Blast Testing: Two locations in Oregon providing year-round accessibility.
  • Testing Packages: Advantageous packages available when testing for multiple threats and/or large-scale testing programs.
  • Multiple Facility Certifications: Ballistic testing facilities are NIJ Certified, NVLAP accredited body armor testing lab, and have current ISO 17025 Certification for labs.  Also certified by US Department of State for Forced Entry and Ballistic Resistance of Structural Systems testing.
  • Extensive Instrumentation: Full suite of owned instrumentation includes FARO laser scanners, Doppler, Data Acquisition Systems, high-speed, video cameras, reflected and free-field pressure gauges, laser displacement readers, load cells, accelerometers, strain gauges, and fully instrumented Anthropomorphic Test Devices.

Example Blast Test Videos

Stone-OBL’s technical expertise and far-reaching industry contacts combined with an outstanding safety record, competitive pricing, and well-equipped testing infrastructure bring value to your critical projects.

Stone-OBL has been recently engaged on multiple test programs and successfully supported the security design and testing certification needs for multiple domestic and international clients across various industry sectors.  A representative portfolio of blast testing projects including glazing systems, doors, and concrete slabs is provided below.

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Stone-OBL specializes in testing building products against extreme loadings such as blast, ballistics, forced entry, and fire.  Stone-OBL combines the engineering expertise of Stone Security Engineering and the testing, instrumentation, and research expertise of Oregon Ballistic Laboratories (OBL).  The combination of these skills makes this joint venture a one-stop shop for extreme load testing, product research and development, and product certifications.  The Stone-OBL blast test range is able to accommodate a wide variety of test specimen configurations, explosive materials and weights, and standoffs in order to meet the varying needs of the security, safety, and industrial sectors. 

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