Stone Protective Solutions, LLC

Upgraded Extreme-Woodlam Panel Modular Building for Blast Resistance Requirements

SPS’s products and mitigation technologies can be used in the manufacture of new and/or the retrofit of existing modular buildings to provide resistance to extreme loadings.   The products are effective in both Anti-terrorism Force Protection (AT/FP) situations as well as to protect people and property from accidental explosions in industrial-type situations.


In the current BRM market the primary modules tend to be either:

•  Robust steel modules which meet the rigorous 8 psi long duration load, per the guidelines and recommended practices in ASCE Design of Blast Resistant Buildings in Petrochemical Facilities and API RP 752/753 Compliant Modular Blast-Resistant Buildings, or

•  Relatively weak wood stud modules which can only resist loads on the order of 0.9 psi.

SPS has designed BRMs that combine steel and SPS’s proprietary Extreme-Woodlam Panels which are able to not only meet the 8 psi or the 0.9 psi loads, but which can also meet 2 psi, 4 psi, or 6 psi long duration loads, thereby reducing costs by allowing our clients to use BRMs which aren’t too strong and aren’t too weak, but that are just right.


Cost Effective – Not only is the base material of the Extreme-Woodlam Panels less expensive than steel,  the modules are lighter weight than steel which results in faster production, reduced shipping costs, and generally enhanced constructability when the modules are delivered and assembled onsite.


Other benefits of this technology, compared to traditional steel modular buildings, are that it is created from renewable materials, and uses less energy to manufacture.  Additionally, structures that have our Extreme-Woodlam Panels inherently provide enhanced insulation, and quieter interior environments.